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 Well... if you make a recording in hillbilly land you have to blend in. #byggmaxkepaistheshit #byggmax #flatfoot  Happy birthday @lemique !
 Recording session for upcoming Flat Foot album no 7. Grebron Studio in Sundborn. Big O hits the big one. #flatfoot #studio #sundborn #recordingstudio @ollekarvonen @lars20000 @bassmanflatfoot @lemique @wiggeb @igorbuzurniuc  The ego wall of fame. 6xFlat Foot. #coldcase #toserveanddrink #offduty #talesfromthesarge #inyourface #atasteofthegoodlife New album in progress.

Wonderful weekend

We had a great weekend!
First we played as opening act for D-A-D from Denmark at Holmarnas Folkets Park!
We got the chance to try out some new material from upcoming studio album.
Here’s som reviews from the show:


And then we finnished off at Granliden in Storvik! Also really lovely crowd and we were still trippin’
from the show with D-A-D so we had a blast.

Flat Foot at Holmarna