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Flat Foot from Dalarna in Sweden was formed in January 2007.

First album, Cold Case, got immediate attention from Little Steven’s Underground Garage and from then on… Hundreds of gigs all over Sweden, Europe, Canada and Asia.
Radio stations all over the world have been playing Flat Foot songs and the crowd of fans is growing fast and the show’s getting bigger and better.

With the release of “In Your Face” (2014) with hit songs like “Living By The Gun” and “Johnny Mac”, Flat Foot introduced (with a taste of both Ennio Morricone and Quentin Tarantino) their surf sounding-Cactus Rock.

Album no 7, The Man From Sorocca was released 2018 and introduced additional guitarist Igor Buzurniuc from Moldova in the band.

The band:

Lars Andersson, lead guitar, lead vocals
Richard Norberg,  bass, backing vocals
Olle Karvonen, drums, backing vocals
Mikael Hyvärinen, rythm guitar, backing vocals
Viktor Backlund, trumpet, keyboard, backing vocals
Igor Buzurniuc, guitar

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